Get Involved, 2017-2018

CCBP books through 2017

Campus and community members are encouraged to attend our related program events, all of which are open to the public and most of which are free. We encourage UC Davis faculty to adopt the book for 2017-2018 courses across the disciplines.

The Campus Community Book Project operates through two committees: the Program Planning Committee, which develops the program to accompany each cycle; and the Selection Committee, which is charged with making recommendations for the next cycle's featured title. If you are interested in participating in one or both of the committees, please contact Megan Macklin, CCBP Coordinator (

2017-2018 CCBP Program Planning Committee:

Jaime Allen
Ryan Lee Cartwright
Matthew Conner
elizabeth coté
Erin Dorn
glenda drew
Miles Hall
Anoosh Jorjorian
Stephanie Longoria
Megan Macklin
M. Eleanor McAuliffe
Sharon McDonell
David Michalski
Matt Moore
Kristian Marie Lirio Ocampo
Brent Posey
Cristeta Rillera
Monae Roberts
Leah Theis
Patty Valdovinos
Mikael Villalobos
Karma Waltonen